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The Rising Festival 2024

Unlock Your Authentic Self: A Guide to Reflective Practice

coaching and mentorship holistic health mindfulness personal growth self-reflection Jul 09, 2024

 We all strive to live authentically and fulfillingly. Yet, bridging the gap between our current selves and our aspirations requires thoughtful introspection. Reflective practice stands as a potent tool for self-understanding and charting a path toward personal growth.

Understanding Reflective Practice

Reflective practice involves more than recollection; it entails a deep examination of our experiences, particularly the emotions they evoke. By understanding why certain events elicit specific feelings, we gain insight into our inner workings and values.

Emotions as Signposts

Consider how recent experiences made you feel – did they leave you fulfilled or drained? Emotions are not fleeting; they reveal deeper truths about our well-being and alignment with our values.

Recognising Alignment and Misalignment

Emotions can be broadly categorised into two states:

  • Alignment: A sense of focus, peace, and connection with our values indicates we are on the right path.
  • Misalignment: Feelings of restlessness or disconnection signal a need to reassess our choices and direction.

Navigating with Your Inner Compass

Our deepest values serve as guiding stars, influencing our decisions and paths. Emotions of alignment or misalignment act as a compass, guiding us toward authenticity and growth.

Decoding the Signals

  • Feeling down despite being on track? External pressures may cloud your judgment momentarily, and reaffirm your core motivations.
  • Content but off track? Beware of complacency; it might be time to realign your actions with your values.

Wisdom for Decision-Making

  • During misalignment, avoid hasty decisions; instead, focus on staying true to your core values until clarity returns.
  • In moments of alignment, remain grounded, recognizing challenges as opportunities for growth.

Reflective Practice in Daily Life

Introspection need not be reserved for major life changes; it can enhance everyday decision-making by:

  • Increasing self-awareness and clarity.
  • Revealing patterns that may limit personal growth.
  • Guiding choices that resonate with your authentic self.

Join Me in Developing Your Reflective Practice

Are you eager to delve deeper into reflective practice? I’m Clara Ranera, a Transformational Coach, Mentor & Coach Supervisor, dedicated to guiding you on a journey toward enhanced self-awareness and fulfilment. Let's explore how these principles can empower your daily life. Join me at the Rising Festival on September 21st in Cambridge, where I will serve as an official Rising Coach, ready to assist you in overcoming challenges and achieving personal growth.

About Clara Ranera

Clara Ranera brings a wealth of experience as a Transformational Coach, Mentor & Coach Supervisor, blending expertise in pharmacy and holistic health. Specialising in clean language, emergent knowledge, and symbolic modelling, Clara crafts personalised coaching experiences that uncover strengths and foster enduring change. Collaborating with the NHS, Clara enhances mental health and chronic pain management through comprehensive holistic care training programs.

Meet Clara at the Rising Festival 2024

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