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Partner with us and get involved to empower women, drive diversity and inclusion, and create lasting impact through community-driven initiatives.

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Speaking OpportunitiesĀ 

Showcase your leaders and rising stars, as well as your organiation's expertise and commitment to diversity, by participating in panel discussions and workshops. This will elevate your organization's thought leadership.

EnhancedĀ Visibility

Sponsorship significantly enhances brand visibility, positioning your organisation as a pioneering leader in fostering inclusivity among diverse audiences, ultimately driving positive impact and recognition.

Reputational Impact

Associate your brand with the Rising Festival to enhance your reputation as an inclusive employer. This strategy attracts top talent and reinforces your commitment to social responsibility.

Strategic Networking

Cultivate meaningful relationships that directly influence your organisation's bottom line. Connect with industry leaders who share your commitment to diversity, unlocking opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Cultivate Innovation

At the Rising Festival, we prioritise diversity to ignite innovation and creativity. By embracing diverse perspectives, we spark new ideas and solutions, propelling your organisation forward with fresh insights and strategies.

Enhance Employee Wellbeing

Prioritise diversity and inclusion to foster a supportive workplace, boosting morale and retention. Staff gain stress management and self-care tools with our event's well-being sessions.

Join Forces with Our Brand for a Better Future

By collaborating with our brand, you can demonstrate your commitment to creating a more inclusive world and developing the future's leaders. We share the same desire to drive change and make a positive impact. By partnering with us, you'll gain increased exposure and speaking opportunities, and be viewed as a valuable ally.

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