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A community for women where empowerment, opportunity, and well-being take centre stage.


In-person and virtually, build lasting professional and personal relationships by expanding your network.


Gain access to industry experts' advice, insights, strategies, and tools to improve leadership skills and overcome challenges.


Learn from others in our network and accelerate your learning by studying at your own pace.

Our Mission

Harnessing the power of community to empower women to realise their full potential and to create a more inclusive world. Through community-driven initiatives, we drive success for all individuals by promoting personal development and inclusivity. We also foster an environment that cultivates overall wellbeing, celebrates diversity, and ensures equal opportunities for everyone to thrive.

Our Passion In Action

Step into our inclusive community ‚Äď where we've delivered over 500 impactful events, attracting a network of over 35,000 attendees worldwide. Experience holistic support, blending mentoring, learning, and dynamic events. Connect with visionary leaders, gain peer support, and access personal and professional growth experts. Join us and master every aspect of your journey towards personal fulfilment and professional success,¬†and become the authentic leader you aspire to be.¬†

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey with us? Unlock your true potential and embrace personal transformation. 


Sharon Budworth
HR Director, UK & EMEA, Domino Printing Sciences

"Being part of The Rising Network gives me a sense of belonging and helps me not only to continue to learn, grow and develop professionally, but also helps me to focus on my own health and wellbeing.”

Dr Julia Wilson
Associate Director, Wellcome Sanger Institute

"The Rising Network has been a lifeline during lockdown. I’ve kept in touch with like-minded leaders to share experiences and exchange ideas."


Latest Insights and Articles

Unlock Your Authentic Self: A Guide to Reflective Practice

Jul 09, 2024

Get Inspired. Watch Now.


Upcoming Event

The ultimate celebration of empowerment awaits! Join us for an event dedicated to personal and professional growth. Our 2024 theme, 'Reinvent, Renew: Forging the Path Ahead,' encapsulates the transformative spirit at the heart of our festival.

A Festival for Growth and Inspiration!

Welcome to The Rising Festival ‚Äď where women from all walks of life come together to celebrate growth and inspiration. Whether you're a leader, entrepreneur, innovator, or simply someone passionate about personal development, this is your community.

We're more than an event; we're a vibrant network where connections thrive, insights spark change, and transformation becomes a reality. This isn't just an event; it's an invitation to be part of something extraordinary.

Join us and be inspired, empowered, and uplifted as we rise together.

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 The Rising Festival

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"Thank you for helping me to recognise my achievements and to believe in myself" - Previous Festival Attendee

Ready to Unleash Your True Potential? Join Us at the Rising Festival 2024!

Personal Growth

Engage in empowering workshops and sessions designed to help you unlock your full potential.


Join a supportive community dedicated to your growth and development, fostering collaboration and encouragement.

Networking Opportunities

Forge lasting relationships and connect with like-minded individuals, mentors, and industry experts to expand your professional network.

Expert Guidance and Mentoring

Connect with industry leaders for advice and support, helping you overcome challenges and take confident steps forward.

Nurture Self-Confidence

Build confidence in your abilities and aspirations, empowering you to pursue your dreams with conviction

Enhance Wellbeing

Foster mental wellness with healthy habits, maintain work-life balance, and learn stress management techniques to prevent burnout.


I am the Driver in My Life

"I left feeling empowered. I will take action to be more resilient in the workplace and take ownership to recognise that I am the driver in my life. I am the youngest in my team so sometimes I feel like I am a fraud and shouldn't be there, however I left the Rising Festival feeling like yes I do deserve to be there and it's an achievement. So thank you for helping me recognise my achievements and to believe in myself." - Daleep, Festival attendee

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Creating an Inclusive World

We are committed to creating a more inclusive world and this translates across everything we do within the Rising Network. Align your brand with our brand and commitment to drive change, make the world more inclusive, and develop the future leaders of tomorrow.

Are you an inclusive brand or looking to become more inclusive? We have speaking and sponsorship opportunities at the Rising Festival 2024. 

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