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Share your expertise and experiences with a vibrant community dedicated to empowering women and closing the gender gap. As a guest writer for The Rising Network, you can inspire others, build your profile, and contribute to meaningful change.

  • Inspire and Educate: Share your knowledge and experiences to inspire and educate our members.
  • Build Your Profile: Gain exposure and recognition within a supportive community.
  • Support Our Mission: Help promote diversity and inclusion by contributing to our mission.

Contributor Guidelines


Word Count: 600-800 words.

Structure and Headings:

  • Title: Craft a compelling and concise title (5-10 words) that grabs attention.
  • Introduction: (50-100 words)
    Introduce the topic and provide a brief overview of what the post will cover.
  • Main Content: (400-600 words)
    • Heading 1: Main point or topic 1
      Explain your first main point. Include examples or personal anecdotes to illustrate.
    • Heading 2: Main point or topic 2
      Discuss your second main point. Use subheadings or bullet points for clarity.
    • Heading 3: Main point or topic 3 (if applicable)
      Expand on your third main point. Provide additional insights or tips.
  • Conclusion: (50-100 words)
    Summarise the key points discussed. End with a call to action or a thought-provoking statement.


Example Outline

  • Title: "Balancing Act: How to Manage a Portfolio Career"
  • Introduction: Briefly introduce the concept of a portfolio career and its relevance.
  • Main Content:
    • Heading 1: Defining a Portfolio Career
      What it means and why it's becoming popular.
    • Heading 2: Key Challenges and How to Overcome Them
      Discuss common challenges and provide solutions.
    • Heading 3: Success Stories and Tips
      Share personal stories or case studies.
  • Conclusion: Recap the main points and encourage readers to consider a portfolio career.

How to Submit

Ready to share your story? Start writing your blog post today and inspire others in our community!

Submit your blog post to [email protected] with a short bio and a photo. 

We can't wait to hear from you! 

Blog Post Ideas


  • A Pivotal Moment: Share a significant turning point in your life, its impact, and lessons learned.
  • Lessons from Experiences: Discuss a challenge, opportunity, or failure that taught you an invaluable lesson.
  • Creating a Portfolio Career: Narrate your journey to a portfolio career, including challenges, key moments, and rewards.
  • Lessons as a CEO or Chair: Reflect on leadership lessons, resilience, and strategic decision-making from your time as a CEO or Chair.
  • Resilience and Adaptability: Highlight the importance of resilience and adaptability in a changing professional landscape.
  • Work-Life Balance: Share tips on balancing a demanding career with personal life, wellness, and preventing burnout.
  • Health and Wellbeing: Offer techniques for mental and physical health, including meditation, exercise, nutrition, and stress management.
  • Leadership Development: Discuss tools and methods for developing leadership skills, including frameworks and personal development plans.
  • Building Confidence: Provide techniques to boost self-confidence, such as visualisation exercises, affirmations, and success stories.

Quick Tips

  1. Start with an Outline: Break down your post into the main sections (introduction, main content, conclusion). Jot down bullet points under each section to guide your writing.
  2. Write as You Speak: Imagine you're talking to a friend. Use a conversational tone to make your post more relatable and engaging.
  3. Be Authentic: Share your personal experiences, insights, and lessons learned. Authenticity resonates with readers.
  4. Keep Sentences Short and Simple: Avoid long, complex sentences. Aim for clarity and brevity.
  5. Use Bullet Points and Lists: These make your content more readable and highlight key points.
  6. Include Personal Stories: Personal anecdotes make your post more interesting and relatable.
  7. Edit and Proofread: After writing, take a break and then come back to edit. Look for clarity, grammar, and flow. Consider asking a colleague to review your post.
  8. Add Visuals: If possible, include images, charts, or videos to complement your text and make your post visually appealing.

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