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October continues to signify change | Sharon Budworth, Head of HR, Dominos Printing Services

business health hr mental health wellbeing Oct 07, 2020

Sharon Budworth, Cambridge Chapter Lead and Head of HR at Domino Printing Services, is a featured member in our private Facebook Group for the month of October! Sharon will be posting everyday for the month with insights on health, wellbeing, what she loves plus tips and tricks to help you boost your motivation to help you succeed. Sharon is a big fan of October and in this short blog Sharon tells us why.

I love all the seasons, but Autumn is particularly special to me and I am so excited to be able to represent The Rising Network as a featured member on Facebook for the month of October. This month is my eldest daughter’s birthday, Poppy, she will be 23. She was born on the 31st October, Halloween! I remember her birth as if it were yesterday. It was long and slow (she wasn’t in a hurry to venture into this world!) but she eventually arrived safe and sound. I remember spending hours looking at her, amazed by her perfection. Her gorgeous brown hair, her wonderful little face, her dark brown eyes, and tiny hands and feet. It felt like my world had stopped, we were frozen in time and everything changed forever.

For me, October continues to signify change, with the days getting gradually shorter, the temperature dropping, and leaves changing colour and beginning to fall. I love the thought and preparation for Poppy’s birthday and the growing excitement about Christmas and the end of year holiday. October is the beginning of the end of the year.

As I think about our year so far, our strength and resilience have been tested and the threat of Coronavirus will continue into next year. Being part of The Rising Network gives me a sense of belonging and helps me not only to continue to learn, grow and develop professionally, but also helps me to focus on my own health and wellbeing. We have a shared purpose too; empowering women to reach their true potential and to achieve happiness and balance in all areas of life.

I look forward to sharing more thoughts this month.

Sharon x

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