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The Power of Networking at the Rising Festival

The Power of Networking: A Personal Journey

career networking women in business Apr 30, 2024

Guest post by Dr Lynn Morgan MBE 

We often hear about the benefits of networking, and I, as someone with a lengthy business career, am here to affirm its significance. In the early days of my career, I often found myself intimidated by rooms filled with successful professionals. Despite my initial shyness, I challenged myself to initiate conversations, armed with nothing more than a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Surprisingly, most people were receptive, and I discovered common ground with individuals across various industries.

Nurturing Connections Across Career Transitions 

As I transitioned between sectors over the years, certain business contacts proved to be invaluable sources of information, relevant to all the industries I worked in. Networking has the power to bridge gaps between different sectors and businesses. Engaging in conversations reveals shared challenges such as overcoming glass ceilings, asserting oneself, managing change, and fostering creative solutions. Think of innovation hubs and parks, designed to foster creative collaborations through casual encounters.

Expanding Networks Beyond Workplace Confines

Building a network that extends beyond the confines of your workplace or study environment is invaluable. Volunteering for committees, projects, or focus groups exposes you to a diverse range of individuals, providing a broader context for your work. Networking events and conferences provide opportunities to gain a broader perspective. However, it's crucial to approach these events authentically and with genuine curiosity.

Gender Dynamics in Networking

Research suggests that networking approaches often differ based on gender. While men may prefer a formal, transactional approach, women often prioritize building connections based on emotional resonance, leading to longer-lasting relationships.

Embracing Diverse Networking Styles

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to networking. Chance encounters at social events can unexpectedly lead to professional connections, underscoring the importance of fine-tuning our radar. One effective way to cultivate opportunities is by immersing oneself in the right environment. Personally, I eagerly anticipate the Rising Network Festival on the 21st of September in Cambridge. I am confident that I'll meet fascinating individuals with whom I'll form genuine connections.

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About Dr Lynn Morgan MBE

Lynn has been constant throughout her varied career in her desire to support and develop women to achieve their potential.  She has had a wide and varied career working in the public and third sector. As the former CEO of the Arthur Rank Hospice, she took on a major project working with her team, to transform the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, providing independence from the NHS and building a brand new state-of-the-art hospice.

Lynn has a Phd in Organisational Psychology.  Her research focused on the way gender can affect mentoring relationships and the barriers women can face in achieving their career goals.  She continues to support women in their careers and is often called upon to provide advice for charities.

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