Why Attend?


Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and renewal in this 45-minute talk. Delve into the depths of your inner wisdom and uncover practical techniques for shedding old patterns, embracing authenticity, and fostering personal growth. Gain insights into soul purpose, mindset, and manifestation, drawing from ancient wisdom and modern psychology.

This talk offers a unique blend of spiritual insights and psychological understanding to guide you towards personal transformation. It is ideal for anyone seeking clarity, purpose, and growth in their journey of self-realization.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Unveiling Your Inner Wisdom: Understand that the answers lie within, and discover how reinvention involves unlearning, peeling back layers like an onion.
  • Exploring Soul Purpose: Delve into the profound question of why we are here, drawing from Indian and Mythical spirituality, particularly the original Vedas.
  • Overcoming Self-Sabotage: Understand why the brain sabotages us and how to overcome these barriers.
  • Shedding What No Longer Serves: Gain practical tips for shedding off what no longer serves us to reconnect with our true selves.
  • Cultivating Mindset and Manifestation: Learn techniques for cultivating the right mindset and harnessing the power of manifestation for personal growth.
  • Unlearning and Rediscovering Authenticity:¬†Understand the necessity of unlearning to reconnect with your authentic self.


Who Should Attend:

It is ideal for anyone seeking clarity, purpose, and personal growth. Whether you are navigating life transitions,  seeking fulfilment, or simply curious about unlocking your inner potential, this talk offers valuable insights for transformation.

Format: Interactive talk with opportunities for reflection.


Presenter Bio:

Shikha Gupta, Mindset & Manifestation Coach, and author, who with her holistic approach to life, helps you balance your body, mind & soul. Using both her master's in stress coaching and also her expertise in crystals, ayurveda and spiritual ways, she brings you from overwhelm and stress to success and abundance.

She is a bestseller author sharing her own stress survival story and experiences in stress release and mindful living. 

Her expertise in crystal healing, chakra and energy work helps you find your way back to your authentic self and step into your next level. 

She works with clients globally through her signature online courses & 1:1 coaching programs. She is a podcast host and speaks internationally on different stages because she is obsessed with spreading love into the world she believes we are all connected from the heart and through love, we can change the world together!

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